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Orientation & Mobility (O&M)


• Orientation is knowing where you are, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there.

• Mobility is how you safely move through space with low vision or blindness.

• Orientation & Mobility (O&M) services are tailored to individual goals, and in collaboration with family and caregivers.

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Downloadable Fact Sheets (click to download)

 I provide O&M services for people who have:

  • blindness or low vision, including those who also have

    • an acquired brain injury,

    • a cognitive disability,

    • a physical disability, or

    • a learning disability.

I work with children and adults to develop mobility goals that take into account individual family situations and needs.

For individuals, I can provide:

  • Functional vision assessments.

  • Functional mobility assessments.

  • Individual O&M and travel training programs.

  • Training in the use of equipment and mobility aids.

  • Training and support for families and carers, service providers, and others.

O&M training might involve teaching someone to:

  • Find their way within their home, local area, or local city.

  • Plan and follow travel routes.

  • Safely negotiate obstacles.

  • Safely cross roads.

  • Independently use public transport.

  • Find their way again if they get lost.

  • Receive appropriate assistance from the public when required.

I also:

  • Refer to and collaborate with other service providers as required.

  • Provide individual advocacy.

  • Provide information and support to family and friends so they can help someone to be more independent.

Presentations and Professional Development

  • How blindness and low vision impacts an individual’s independent mobility.

  • How to support an individual’s independent mobility skills.

  • How to guide a person who has low vision or is blind.

  • Understanding vision loss for professionals.

  • Vision loss and mobility in the workplace.

  • Vision loss and mobility in educational settings.

  • How to support safe travel in a residential setting or workplace.

  • Orientation and mobility with very young children.


Fees are negotiated according to individual needs and funding options.  These options include:

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